Herramientas Eurotools S.A.
Antigua Carretera de Altube Km 5,5 01080 Vitoria

PALMERA was founded in Spain in 1934, as a manufacturer of hand tools and scissors. Over the past 70 years, it has kept its offer permanently updated, and today, more than ever before, it continues to make innovation and development of new products one of its primary goals.

The quality of PALMERA tools, its technological evolution and the modernization of its production lines mean that since 1994, the company has had ISO 9001 certification in quality assurance. In 2001, it earned ISO 14001 certification in environmental management.

Customer loyalty is one of PALMERA's main assets. If we add to this its substantial and experienced sales network, we can only conclude that the process of getting the products from the factory to the end- users is in the best of hands.

Since the end of 1995, PALMERA has been a member of the Snap-on Group, an American company world leader in the production of hand tools. Belonging to this group affords PALMERA the most advanced technological and engineering capacity in the industry and contributes to improving its competitive position in the market.